Senior IT Recruitment Consultant (with languages)

Do you think you are being paid your worth? Do you have the right support and tools to make the most of your potential.

Squid Ink Solutions are lucky enough to be able to represent one of the leading specialist IT recruitment consultancies in the UK.

This well-established agency provides high rates of commission, up to 25%

Incentives including trips to America and Europe that have seen new comers win places inside their first 6 months.

A fair transparent progression plan that results in promotion based on results and attitude rather than nepotism or socialising.

Key support ranging from a huge back office support function with dedicated lawyers, administrators and CV writers designed to free your time up to focus on what you do best.

Benefits including private health care, company cars, tablets and phones, private GP’s and more with company staff break areas to relax over a beer or coffee.

You will need to be a good recruiter with at least 18 months IT recruitment experience. A proven track record of billings and ideally a second language be that German, French, Dutch or similar. You will need to come with a hard work ethos and a sense of humour, everyone from the shareholders down to the newest trainee recruiter is able to laugh at and learn from their mistakes.

Most importantly you will want to be a part of contributing to a high successful, buzzy and dynamic environment that has helped recruiters reach levels un matched by their competitors.

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